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My Story

Why did you become a life coach?

As a student at Kentucky Wesleyan College I learned many valuable lessons, but most life changing was the understanding of Reality Therapy. It was the first time I understood that I was in control of my future. It was my choice how to proceed with life. I was responsible for the decisions I made and the consequences of those decisions. I never forgot those lessons over the next 30 years. Times have changed, but those early lessons stayed with me. They have been invaluable during my career in non-profit and government leadership. It was the idea that I was in control of my future that enabled me to earned my MBA from Western Governors University and to launch my publishing company, Chatter House Press. Nearly seven years later, I am ready to expand my life coaching to individuals I am not working with or know personally. In the 90’s I always wanted to play a role in corporate America where I spent the day sitting and talking with the staff. Helping them balance life and work, focus on professional development, and build confidence. From my perspective, it seemed the best way to build the company was to invest in the people. I still believe this. Expanding my life coaching reach allows me to return to my passion of supporting others as they achieve their life goals. EDUCATION Kentucky Wesleyan College - Bachelors of Arts (Psychology/English/Education) Western Governors University - Masters of Business Administration CERTIFICATIONS Certified Life Coach MBTI Certified Practitioner Certified DISC Consultant Certified Human Behavior Consultant .
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